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We are so so close to the finish line...

We are oh so close to the finish line! Chandelier Barn Market Spring Show is coming up May 5th-6th!

Stairs are finally in! I've been working in this barn since 2020 and finally getting to see what it looks like from up there! It didn't disappoint its amazing from up here! So many possibilities.

The railing on the upper levels are close to being done, the restroom sinks are done, toilets are installed too! We are hoping to start cleaning everything on Wednesday. There is a lot of dust in the barn right now from cutting all the wood.

The big glass window in front still needs to go in, the chandeliers that will hang from the big window still need installed and sidewalks poured. Whew! No sweat right? The kitchen area will not be finished before the show. It will be conveniently closed off until after, then finished up before our first wedding scheduled in July. So much has been done to this beautiful barn in a very short amount of time. We can't wait for you all to see it!

Speaking of weddings, don't forget if you book a wedding for 2024 before July 1st you'll get to keep our 2023 rates.

You can find rates and all the wedding details here at

See ya soon at the market!

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