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All Hands On Deck!

It's all hands on deck at Chandelier Barn Wedding Venue and Event Center. The Havoc system is going in, the bathrooms are getting finished up, windows are being added to the loft area and wiring is almost completed. The interior walls are keeping the barn vibes with wooden planks made of poplar being hung horizontally in the entryway and restroom entries. I can't wait for the staircase to happen. Hopefully I can get some pics for you from the loft area for the next post. We are getting closer to hanging the chandeliers in the huge window. We are getting excited but a little nervous wondering if we chose the right ones. We are booking Parties and Weddings and more now. If you would like to book with us check out our new website here at or you can give us a call 812-486-2316. We hope you follow along with us to see this big, beautiful barn turn into an amazing event center for our community and beyond!

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