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The Count Down Is On!!

The count down is on! Only 17 more days until our Spring Show and things are moving fast over here at Chandelier Barn Wedding & Events. The exterior is finished except for installing a few more exterior doors, glass for the huge window frame and sidewalks poured. The restroom stalls and toilets are being installed now. I heard water running this morning when I went in to get a few photos. The plummer said all is going well, yay!

Now to get grass to grow quickly haha!

This ol barn is looking good with her upgraded exterior don't you think? "A Barn is saved" and can now be used for many more years to come. I keep thinking of all the wonderful memories that will be made here. When you come to the barn you'll notice the integrity of the way the barn was built many years ago was kept. The biggest change was obviously the expansion out from the east and west of the barn. We gained quite a bit of square footage not only on the main floor but up as well. The second floor loft space is receiving a new staircase in order to access it and also the hayloft above that will be accessible as well. I can not wait to see the views from up there! Can you imagine what a wedding or receptions will look like?

As you can see from the photos there was quite a bit of rough cut wood added inside which blends seamlessly with what the barn already looked like. We love the way its looking so far.

If all goes to plan the Chandeliers will go in tomorrow.

What a busy time here at Chandelier Barn, I wouldn't want it any other way❤️

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